2022 Board Nominees
Please see below for nominees and a brief statement from them.
Nannette Ashcroft
Nathan Bane
Hello, my name is Nathan Bane and I’ve lived in the Wyckford neighborhood for about seven years now. I take pride in our neighborhood appearance, which is why I mow both of my nextdoor neighbors’ lawns for free, and I strive to be a pleasant and respectful neighbor. I would like to be nominated for the HOA board to ensure our dues are spent wisely and appropriately. You can trust my abilities as I deal with legal contracts on a daily basis and pay attention to detail. Please help me help you, and I’ll look forward to serving your needs and concerns with the highest quality. Thank you
Barbara Maha
I am Barbara Maha and I am interested in serving the neighborhood by participating in the Wyckford HOA. My Husband and I moved to Raleigh in 2018. I was raised in Chapel Hill and have a Bachelor’s and 3 Associate of Science degrees. I currently work in Human Resources and HR systems. My hobbies include cooking, crafts, gardening, and travel. I am a passionate gardener and would enjoy working towards beautifying the neighborhood.
Marisa Shapiro
Marisa Shapiro, CPTM was born and raised in New York and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from SUNY New Paltz in journalism. Currently, she is the Director of Professional Development at Training Industry, Inc., where she helps corporate learning professionals make the right decisions to advance their career development both now and in the future. Her hobbies include baking, gardening, traveling, eating out at local restaurants and hiking trails all over North Carolina. She is interested in joining the HOA board to help bring new ideas to encourage our community in its efforts in keeping our neighborhood clean, safe, and engaged for all of our families and friends. Her goal is to streamline work approval processes to simplify residence work and promote community engagement through regularly scheduled social gatherings open to the entire neighborhood.
Dear Homeowners,
Are you thinking about sprucing up your landscaping?  Adding a shed or a patio?  Don't forget all exterior changes must be approved by the ARC Committee.
Please be sure to submit your application before any work begins. 
Click on links below for guidelines and application.  There is also a link to the resolution in regards to Admin fees if work is performed before approval.  Thank you and have a safe summer!!

June 1, 2021
Dear Residents,
Towne Properties is open.  Please call a member of your team to schedule an appointment to ensure that there will be someone in the office when you arrive.
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your community. 
Warm regards,
Your Towne Properties Management Team

Meet Your Management Team:
Suzanne Sinoracki
Association Manager
919-878-8787 ext 7218
Teresa Majeed
Community Service Admin.
919-878-8787 ext 7233
Financial Manager
Laronda Martin
Financial Manager
Who do I reach out to with questions:
Architectural Applications- Your Assistant Manager or the Administrator for your property.
Clubhouse Rental Applications- Your Assistant Manager or the Administrator for your property.
Pool access or rules- Your Assistant Manager or the Administrator for your property.
Realtor Questions- Please refer your realtor to the realtor disclosure form and to homewisedocs.com.  If they need further assistance contact Your Assistant Manager or the Administrator for your property.
Violation Questions- Your Assistant Manager or the Administrator for your property.
General Questions- Your Assistant Manager or the Administrator for your property.
Balance or account questions- The financial manager for your property.
Change of address or account information changes- Visit the cafe site where you are able to make all of these changes.  If you need assistance reach out to your Assistant Manager or Administrator for your property.
Payment Plans or Collections- Your financial manager or the attorney (if your account has been sent to the attorney)
**If you do not get an answer from the Assistant or Administrator for your property within 48 hours  then please contact the Association Manager.
**If you do not get an answer from the Financial Manager for your property within 48 hours then please contact the accounting manager dawndowler@towneproperties.com.